Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Things Pirate

We went to the library earlier this week and brought home a strip of paper from Mango Languages. I always see the librarians wearing t-shirts with "MANGO" written on them but I was not interested in learning a new language until this week.... 

I don't know if you know this but my family loves pirates!  I am not talking about Disney's Pirates, well not strictly anyway. We all LOVE Cap'n Jack. We are just a little obsessed with all things pirate. Just a little.. tiny... bit.

I mean, we only play a pirate computer or video game daily. Each of us only has one eye patch, bandanna, and sword. Just because the kids mutiny on us now and then, and we make them swab the deck doesn't mean we are totally obsessed. So what if my children can sing all the words to "Yo ho-A pirate's life for me." It is possible that we have read every biography on Blackbeard that was written but that is normal, right? So is spending the day at the no. 1 Pirate museum in the world. I mean who wouldn't want to spend 3 hours reading the final log book of Captian Kidd? And nothing is more fun than jumping on a pirate ship and singing sea shantys with a few mangy scallywags. Just ask Anne Bonney and Mary Read

Ok.. I have gotten carried away.. What was I saying??? 

Oh ya, learn to speak pirate.. So, Mango is offering free lessons to speak like a pirate from now until June 30. Check it out! It is by far the most clever way I have seen for users to sample their product! And it is fun! REALLY FUN!!! 

I am going to let my 7 yo try it out tomorrow. When he completes the course, can I tell people he is bilingual? I hope so. Then I can brag about what a prodigy my homeschooled kid is! 

Oh and as usual, I am not getting paid to advertise for Mango. I just tried out their product and I like it! If you are considering a new language program for next year, try out Mango now while it is free and FUN! I would suggest signing up for an actual foreign language to study though. I don't think "pirate" will look serious on a college application.

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