Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Before I ever had kids of my own, I was a preschool teacher. I taught using unit studies. Naturally, when I began teaching at home, Unit studies were the easiest way for me to ease in. 
I chose to separate my weekly units into the letters of the alphabet. Someone recommended Brightly Beaming Resources to meI liked the letter of the weekThis free curriculum says it is written for ages 3 and up. I don't begin formal schooling that young. Instead I used it as a spring board to create my own Kindergarten curriculum. It was so much fun and my oldest learned so much with this, that I am using it again. 

Bible: Keys 4 kids 

Poetry /Nursery Rhymes: Zelo.com Also check out Reading with kids more ABC nursery rhyme sheets

Story time: Sound Box books by Jane Belk Moncure. We will also use story time throughout the week to read the science, history, and literature books. This way he only has to sit through one book per day. 

Literature: Letter of the week book list 

Phonics: Skill Sharpeners reading I chose this book because there is a weeks worth of work for each letter sound. 

Copy work: Manuscript writing tablet, I get mine from the Dollar Tree. We practice letter formation daily. About halfway through the year we add word families and sight words. 

Science: Nature Study 
We also read a book about a plant or animal that begins with the corresponding letter. 

History/Geography:  Time Line
We also read a book about a person, place, or job that begins with the corresponding letter. 

Artists: Picture Study The same as big brother

Music: Piano lessons

Composers: Composer study The same as big brother

Handicrafts: The American Boy's Handy Book

I keep my lessons short. Only about 10 or 15 minutes. I don't cover every subject every day. I try to include as many hands on activities as possible. One thing that is very important to remember in Kindergarten is that it should always be FUN! 

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