Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

YAY!!!! I can post from Google Chrome again. I have no idea what happened but the problem seems to be resolved. It would be a great excuse as to why I have not been posting but my real excuse is sooo much better. 

I am pregnant!

Quite frankly this little peanut is already giving me a run for my money. I have had every pregnancy symptom you can think of times 10. I am beyond exhausted and beyond sick. So, I hope you can all forgive me if there are some wider gaps between my posts. 

I am also beyond overwhelmed. Not in a bad way really. I have faith in a God who will carry me through any crazy endeavor He leads me to. Like, teaching 4 classes at my homeschool co-op this year, on top of teaching kindergarten and second grade at home. Not to mention caring for a precious little newborn. I have to admit though, I keep wondering how it will all fall into place. I have set up a very clear goal and a plan to follow through. 

We will begin school the first week of August and try our best to push through until  the week before Christmas. Now normally I would not push through the hard weeks. I would just take time off and I may still do that. But I think it is good to put a goal in front of me and see how far we can get. I am not sure when we will pick back up in January. It depends on how my husband's vacation works out, if we actually made it through the first 20 weeks without stopping, and if I am able to go visit family up north. 

If we start the 2nd week of January, which is my goal, I hope to have 28 weeks of school done before my due date March 16.  That will be a huge load off my mind. 

As far as my co-op classes, I hope that this "morning sickness" has subsided before we begin. At the very least, I am going to need some really good reliable helpers that can stay with the kids while I run to the bathroom to vomit every ten minutes. Ahhhh... The joys of motherhood. 

I have all the lesson plans made and all the preparations made so that they are ready to be passed on to whoever is willing to sub for me when  my body purges itself of this little vomit machine er uh, I deliver my precious little gift from God. 

I can tell already it is going to be a really great year!

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