Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 7 Lunar Eclipse

This is going to have to be brief but I am committed to keeping this going. 
  1. Hershey curled up in my bed beside Skittles and listened to him read about Sitting Bull. 
  2. Both boys did EXCELLENT with their math today. Skittles got 100% and Twizzler got a 91%.
  3. We learned that Columbus used his knowledge of an upcoming lunar eclipse to trick the natives into giving him food. Then we recreated a lunar eclipse using a baseball, flashlight, and small rattle ball. 
  4. Hershey and I played, "Where is Thumbkin" today. 
  5. Twizzler only got one spelling word wrong today and he actually had all the right letters he had just transposed 2 of them. 
  6. Skittles got all of his spelling correct in his dictation, he just forgot the punctuation.
Well, I have a very fussy baby boy who refused to nap today, crawling on me and yelling at me to get off of the computer.

Good night.  

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