Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 9 How to Pronounce "Know"

Twizzler stumbled across a new word today while reading, "know." The resulting conversation was amusing.
Twizzler, "Kuh nuh..."
Mom, "know." Obviously he thought I said, "no," so he continued trying.
Twizzler, "Kuh.."
Mom, "The 'k' is silent."
Twizzler, "nuh.. uh..ow."
Mom, "This 'o' 'w' does not say 'ow'"

Twizzler looked up at me, clearly, thoroughly confused and rightfully so. 
What was I to say to him to make it clear? It makes no sense to me either. I just told him, "The word is pronounced 'know.'"

 That was a pretty funny moment. Here are some happy moments.

  1. We got to Skype with Grammy, Grampy, and my nephews today. Hershey called his big cousin, "Bubba," which is not his name but pretty close. 
  2. Both boys are learning the months of the year and the days of the week. It is funny how something like that does not matter as much when you are homeschooled. Monday and Saturday are not very different for us. Neither is July and November, especially in Florida. 
  3. Skittles did our science reading today while I gave Hershey a haircut. 
  4. Nana and Gpa came over for dinner. 
I am sure there were many more happy things today but I am running out the door. One of my happy things is that Nana and Gpa are staying to watch the boys while I run to the grocery store. Every mom knows that grocery shopping without the kids is like a vacation to Hawaii. 

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  1. You know while teaching Lexi to read I taught her "o" "w" says ow but in her Explode the Code book yesterday it says that "o" "w" says o. Yeah lets confuse her a little more. lol! Well when we did our reading she still would sound out now and how the right way. The english language is so diffucult!