Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 15 Captain Adorable

What a day!!!! This morning I had a bible study. This afternoon we had a birthday party. Tonight we went to Superhero Night at Chik-Fil-A. I bet you are wondering how I fit school into all this... Good question. After the birthday party I had about 2 1/2 hours to get the boys a bath, a snack, and get some school done. I put Hershey down for a nap and gave him a nebulizer treatment because he has been coughing today. While the baby slept, and the big boys did their English and math work, I threw together some superhero costumes. I cut out a mask and cape from some spare fleece material.  I paper clipped the cape to a romper that already had the words, "Captain Adorable" stamped onto the front. Voila! Free chicken dinner. 
  1. Twizzler got 11 problems wrong in math today. When I went into the teacher page to see what happened, I realized he had skipped a whole lessons. OOPS!!! I think we will be going back and trying that again. 
  2. In English the boys put more sentences together. Boring, I know but we are laying the groundwork for a lifetime of proper grammar. 
  3. Twizzler's handwriting book FINALLY arrived!!! I have a confession. I thought I ordered it a few weeks ago. I waited the 10 days it said to expect for delivery and then I started to wonder where it was. I checked my bank account and the company had not taken money out. I called them up and found out that the order had never gone through in the first place. Oops! He did the first 2 pages tonight and he is very excited about it so far. 
  4. I finally got around to the library to pick up Skittles new reading material. It is an adventure story about children in Norway who transported their town's gold down to ships on sleds right under the noses of German Nazis. It just so happens that Skittles is very interested in World War II. He could not wait to start reading. 

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