Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 24 (Insert Clever Title Here)

We had a lazy morning. We all slept in a little and just kind of vegged out watching TV and playing games. It is one of the perks of homeschooling. 
  1. Math went great. Twizzler is learning about "easy tens." That is how to add and subtract 10 from any number without having to count.
  2. In English we learned how to build a sentences from a picture. 
  3. In history we read about Captain Miles Standish. He happens to be one of Skittles favorite people in history. He first learned about Miles Standish last year when we learned about the pilgrims. We went to Plymouth where we were able to see some pilgrim artifacts including Captain Standish's sword. This past summer we went to Plimoth Plantation and the actor who plays Miles let the kids put on 17th century armor and hold the muskets. 
  4. I dropped the boys off at choir this afternoon. Twizzler was going back and forth on whether or not he wanted to go but at the last minute, he surprised me and went. I popped my head in at one point and they were all singing so beautifully. 
  5. Skittles memorized 3 bible verses tonight at Awana. He told me one was Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." That led to a great discussion all the way home about how we all make mistakes every day. Only Jesus was perfect and even though we make mistakes Jesus still loves us and forgives us just like Mommy always loves and forgives them. 
  6. Hershey can now call Twizzler by his nick name. He follows him around the house all day chanting it. 
Sorry I did not have time to come up with a clever title. I have a load of diapers and a load of dishes to wash. Not at the same time... 


  1. I had a friend over once when I was boiling inserts in my huge stock pot. She was disgusted that I would boil inserts in a pot I also cook in. *sigh* I told her they were brand new and hadn't been pooped on yet. Doubt she will come for dinner anytime soon ;)

    1. ROFL!!! Honestly, I would not eat out of a pot used to boil inserts that HAD been used. I know that logically it is safe to eat out of after being washed... but it would still gross me out. I will still eat at your house though. Just don;t tell me which pot you used. ;)