Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 21... Saturday School

When we got home from co-op yesterday, I did not feel like doing more school I was wiped out. So we had to do school today. Eh, it happens. We did not have a whole lot to do anyway. 
  1. The most grumbling I got was over our English review lesson. I don't think anyone in the world likes doing English and I am really good at it. It comes naturally to Skittles too but it is kind of boring breaking down the parts of a sentence. 
  2. Twizzler got all but one spelling word correct. 
  3. Skittles keeps spelling all of his dictation perfectly but forgetting capitalization and or punctuation. 
  4. The boys wrote an acrostic for Pocohontas. I was very impressed at what they came up with. 
Put her head on Smith's.  -Skittles
Often she warned him.  -Skittles
Captured by Argall.  -Twizzler
Argall held her prisoner.  -Twizzler
Had a baby boy.  -Twizzler
Others treated her like a princess.  -Twizzler
Not mean to John Smith.  -Skittles
Thought England was nice.  -Skittles
*And John Rolfe got married.  -Skittles   
Sailed to England.  -Skittles 
*Side note: I explained that they needed to imagine the  first word of each sentence was Pocohontas....
Well, That's all folks.

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