Sunday, September 15, 2013

♪ ♫ Oh Happy Day ♪ ♫

  1. Skittles and Twizzler have been asking me about being baptized since July. Today I took them to the baptism class to see if it was something they wanted and were ready for. Those boys were so fired up for Jesus when we got in there, they couldn't sit still. Twizzler announced, "God told me I am ready to be baptized TODAY!" So we went ahead and set it up and they were baptized at the end of the noon church service. It was my proudest moment as a mom. I have been praying over them to have Godly hearts and walk in His ways since they were born but never more so than I have over the past year. I feel truly blessed to have that prayer answered. God is good. 
  2. Hershey glued bricks onto the tower of Babel in the nursery today. Also the caregivers told me that he was talking up a storm and they were actually able to understand what he was saying. It is one thing when Mommy knows what he is saying but it is another when other people can understand too. 
  3. After church I took the boys out to a celebration lunch at Dustin's Barbecue. Hershey learned how to use a straw. Skittles helped me figure out the tip and the total of the bill after the tip. 
  4. Then we rushed over to an orientation meeting for a new Boy Scout alternative program that just opened up in the area. We were thrilled to see many familiar faces. The older boys went into a back room to play games. I tried to listen as much as I could while chasing around a very silly Hershey boy. He climbed up onto the stage and sat on the steps until he saw a friend and then sat there waving and trying to get his attention saying, "Hi Skyler," over and over. 
  5. When we got home we went to the pool. Twizzler reenacted his baptism a few times and all the boys jumped in and out of the pool over and over. Hershey took turns jumping into each of our arms. 
  6. Hershey is allergic to ants so Skittles armed with a squirt gun, shot all the ants away that came close to his baby brother. 
  7. At dinner Skittles told me he is so glad he was baptized. He said, "I feel like a new person." 

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  1. Sounds like an amazingly blessed day! God is so good and has truly blessed you and your boys. It is so wonderful to hear about the baptism! Congrats!