Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 22 Chores

I thought I would share a bit about how I handle chores... for now anyway. Since I am always changing things because it seems every thing will work for a short time and then it loses its effectiveness. So right now I have a pocket chart and I pull out whatever chores need to be done that day. 
The chores that I chose from are; bringing me their dirty laundry and putting away their clean clothes, emptying the dishwasher. Occasionally Skittles offers to rinse off and load the dishes for some extra points. We take out the trash and recycling together and their job is to help me carry it down. They like to hold the bathroom sized trash cans that we use for recycling onto the front of their scooters and ride the cans and bottles to the recycling bins. The other chores are to pick up their bedroom, living room, or dining room and vacuum the floor. There is also the bathroom that needs to be picked up and the counter wiped down. Last is the guinea pigs cage which needs to checked daily to be sure she has water, food, hay, and her litter box is clean. I put between 2-4 of these chores up daily. 

Anytime that they do a chore, I initial a spot on their chore card. 10 chores equals $1. 

I have been told I am cheap to only pay $1 for 10 chores. I guess that is all a matter of perspective. I don't have a lot to give so they don't have a lot to earn. Ultimately these chores are something that need to be done whether I pay them for the job or not. I never earned an allowance for doing chores when I was growing up. I think $1 is being generous especially since they are not being paid weekly but for the work that they do.

I did not invent the chore card idea. I found it on Pinterest
  1. Math went well today.
  2. We read about the history of New Mexico. 
  3. We got all caught up in Science. I don't know how but we were one day behind all week last week. We did an experiment about how the air bladders in some fish and seaweed work. Skittles thought is was fantastic. He is my little scientist. 
  4. Twizzler did really well with his new spelling words. They are pretty tricky too, a lot of diagraphs and blends. 
  5. Hershey had his 18 month appointment today. He is growing fast. His speech is "advanced." The doctor was amazed at some of the things he is saying. When we walked into the room. He pointed to the doctors instruments on the wall and said, "Light." I couldn't believe he remembered that there is a light in them. 
Now I am off to do my own chores, moving and folding laundry, washing the dishes wiping down the counters, and sweeping up the floor. 


  1. I think $1 is a great amount. I don't see the kids paying you to do anything. I don't pay for chores but if the kids want to earn money I would think of items that they could do above and beyond pitching in around the house. They get to learn the value of a dollar and how hard it is to work for money. Jobs are hard to come by and often we work hours and do tasks to get, what we think, is not enough or very little money.... that's life. You are doing an amazing job raising for awesome boys the way they should be raised. They love you and have a solid relationship with God, what more can you or them ask for? You are all truly blessed <3

    As always you are an inspiration to myself <2

  2. For a while we paid 2.50 a week, we did that because then it was easy for them to figure 10% tithing, and 10% mission/savings. Then we changed things... they only got paid for extra chores, but not if their personal things weren't don first. It really helped the boys to know that some things we get paid for... other things we don't... making bed... I'm not paying for you to do something that should become a habit. Sweep and mop the floor... I'll pay for that! I think we all find what works for our family and go from there. Starting out again we don't have any money, so the boys don't earn anything.... on hte flip side of that they are faithfully praying that dad will see more patients so he can earn money and then we can pay them :)