Monday, September 30, 2013

Day at the Dentist

Today started with a trip to the dentist. I scheduled both boys at the same time. It worked out great. I got to park the stroller in the middle of the hall and stand in the doorway of both rooms. All 3 boys were so good, even Hershey who was stuck in his stroller watching all the fuss. Skittles is going to be 10 on Saturday and he still has never had a cavity. Twizzler has a tiny cavity on the side of a baby tooth that is wiggling and about to fall out so we are leaving it alone. They did seal his molars today though. He was such a trooper. Afterwards we went to the Dollar tree next door and I let them pick out a toy. They both picked out a pair of Ninja Sais. They carried them around all day and wore their cute little headbands too. 
  1. After taking a week off of school, both boys still did great in math. 
  2. Twizzler only has 2 lessons left in his reading book. He really cruised through his lesson today. 
  3. English was a review. I am thankful for that since we took the week off, it was good to start off with a review. They both did great on the oral part. Twizzler struggled with the written part. 
  4. We read about William Penn in history. In the middle of the story they mentioned Louis XIV which led to a discussion on how Roman numerals work and who Louis XIV was. We also had some talk about how Charles I and Louis XVI lost their heads. 
  5. We are a few days behind in science somehow. Today we read about science in colonial America. We talked about how sailors used the North star to find their way. Then we drew pictures of the big dipper and little dipper so that we could easily locate the north star. 
  6. Hershey has started saying words that end with "y" like "Mommy." I am not just "Mama" or "mom" anymore. I am "Mommy" I like that. He can also say "Yummy." He keeps going to the kitchen and pointing at the pantry or fridge and saying, "Yummy," while nodding his head. And he says, "Happy." In fact he says, "Happy, happy, happy." I think he is watching too much Duck Dynasty.... 
Right now he is NOT happy. He is certainly not, "happy happy happy" He is mad, mad, mad. He is ready for bedtime cuddles and some "yummy" milk. 


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