Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homeschool Skate

Today was homeschool skate day again. It was fun for all of us. We all got to socialize with our friends. Skittles took off skating. He is trying to be as fast as possible. Twizzler pretended to play the arcade games. Every once in awhile he would go out and skate. They both won a free soda in the race today. Skittles gave his away. He does not like soda. Hershey and I pushed a car back and forth across a table. I spent the rest of the time chasing him around. He was all over the place.

  1. The boys got math and reading done before lunch. Twizzler was excited that he got a bonus round with his math lesson.
  2. In English we studied nouns. I explained that a noun names something and usually it is something that you can touch, 
  3. Twizzler had some pretty tough words this week for spelling but he only got one wrong. He spelled cross, kross. I think he made the mix up because earlier in his English lesson he tried to spell kid, cid. I explained that when 'c' is in front of an 'i' it makes a 's' sound. This language is so complicated. I am still learning all the rules and I have been studying it all my life. 
  4. In history, Skittles read aloud about Benjamin West who apparently was one of the first artists in the colonies.
  5. Science was kind of gross again. We read about the first small pox vaccines. Then we did an activity to demonstrate how our bodies fight off a virus. I enjoyed learning this along with my boys. I had a general idea before but now I actually know how t-cells and antibodies work. 

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