Friday, October 4, 2013

I Have a Headache

Today was co-op. I asked my older boys, "How was your day?"
Skittles said, " I was late to math so I really did not do anything." We had a long discussion about how I arrive at co-op early so there is no reason that he should have been late to class. I also told him that we both signed a paper from his teacher at the beginning of the year saying that he would bring his math book, notebook, and a calculator to class each week. He has all 3 of those things in his back pack when he gets out of the van every week. Now I look like a mom who does not pay attention to class requirements. 
I have a headache. 
Twizzler said, "I had a lot of fun in your book club class mommy." (Insert BIG smile) What a charmer, "but I did not want to draw lines in my handwriting class." So then we had a long discussion about how I expect him to participate in his classes and respect his teachers. Then I told him to go get his handwriting book and get to work. 
Oh ya, and I have a headache.
  1. In book club we read a book called, Meteor! by Patricia Polacco. It was a fun true story about a family who had a meteor crash in their yard and the whole town went wild. We learned about what the plot of the story is. Twizzler wrote down the Title and the main character on the chalkboard for me. (I have a thing about chalk, gag) 
  2. Skittles read, Lions at Lunch Time in his book club. 
  3. Skittles found a toad on the playground at recess. 
  4. Twizzler was the helper in his art class. They made a pop-up card. 
  5. Skittles started working on a dragon in his art appreciation class but I am told it was a big project and they will have to finish it next week. 
  6. Hershey came into my preschool class. We were working on the letter C. We made caterpillars. Hershey even made one.... Well, he stuck on fuzz ball onto a construction paper C. 
  7. Later in the nursery he had a blast racing cars with another little boy. 
  8. At home we learned about nouns that we cannot see or touch. 
  9. In science, we read about the classification of plants and animals in the colonies. 
  10. We did our notebooking for history this week. 
I actually had the energy after all of this to bake 2 cakes and a bowl of Jell-o for Skittles birthday tomorrow AND, oh ya, I cooked dinner.... dinner that little Hershey decided to throw all over the floor without eating.... 
Did I mention that I have a headache???

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