Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Park Day

Oh what a day.... I caught Skittles plagiarizing from his reading book. He is required to write 3 sentences about each chapter he reads. One for the beginning, middle and end. Instead of coming up with his own words he has been copying sentences out of the book. He had a pretty giant-sized tantrum about having to rewrite his work. It carried all the way over into our park day where he screamed at me in front of our peers, "YOU ARE A MONSTER! YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!" because I would not allow him to get up up and play until he wrote his 3 sentences. Of course once his work was done, he took off to play as if nothing had happened.
  1. In science we learned about the different kinds of feathers on a bird; body feathers, down feathers, and flight feathers. We experimented with how flight feathers catch the air using our old quills. 
  2. In history we read about the slave trade in the Atlantic. We read about a boy named Venture Smith who was captured and brought to our home state of Rhode Island where he was sold. Twizzler said if he were the captain of that ship he would let all those people go free. 
  3. Hershey learned how to say, "donkey" while we were playing with a nativity set. 

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