Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trail Life Day!

Today the boys had Trail Life. I love that I can stay and hang out in the classroom with them and hear what they are learning. Hershey and I went back and forth between Skittles and Twizzler's groups.
In Skittles class they talked about the Pilgrims. I think Aedan could have taught the class. We spent half of the school year last year studying the lives of the pilgrims. We went to Plimoth Plantation, saw the Mayflower, and walked through the pilgrim museum. I am so glad that I am able to give my children learning experiences like that! 
Twizzler set up a tent with his group and then they had their lesson in the tent. They talked about trees and leaves and the many uses of a tree. I showed of Hershey's amber necklace and explained to them that it was a product from a tree and that it has the ability to reduce a fever and pain just like Tylenol. 
I feel so blessed by this group. I am so thankful that my children can benefit from these Godly men teaching them about God's beautiful creation. 

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