Monday, November 18, 2013

Yummy Science

  1. A friend came to visit and do school with us this morning. He was so polite and raised his hand to answer questions. I have never had my kids do that. I just let them shout out the answers. Gosh, I hope they know to raise their hands at co-op, church, and Trail Life. Maybe we need to start practicing that here. 
  2. We learned how a sparrow makes her nest by trying it ourselves using chow mien noodles, peanut butter, and chocolate. It was the tastiest science project I have ever done. 
  3. We read about John Stark running the gauntlet in history. It was an interesting story. 
  4. When Skittles completed his English work, he brought it to me for correction. The instructions were, "Copy each sentence. Draw a line between the two parts of each sentence. Draw 1 line under the the noun and 2 lines under the verb." I was about to give it back to him when I realized he HAD followed the instructions. It did not specify that the doubles lines should be stacked. He DID put 2 lines under the verbs. 
  5. Twizzler struggled with his math during his first try. What I love about Teaching Textbooks is that every problem is explained so when he gets one wrong, they show how to get the right answer. We went back and watched the lesson again and he aced it the second time around. 
  6. Hershey saw Skittles eating some candy and told him, "SHARE ME!" Skittles let him pick a piece out of the candy bucket. Hershey chose a lollipop and victoriously held it up saying "POP! POP!"
Now my team is on Monday Night Football so I am looking forward to a comfy night in front of the tube. Hershey is running around the house with his little football shouting, "FUH BAH!" 

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