Friday, December 13, 2013

Last Day of Co-op

  1. We only had a half day at co-op so the boys only had one class.
  2. When it was time for me to go teach my preschool class, Hershey pointed to the door and said, "Go Mama, color, Peeeeeaase." How could I refuse. So he came in and made a Koala with the letter K.
  3. After co-op we went to lunch with some friends.
  4. We went to the mall looking for a Christmas present and the kids all sat on Santa's lap. Skittles told him he wants a skateboard. Santa said he wants him to come back next year and show off his scars. Twizzler seemed a bit nervous and did not really want to talk to him or touch him. Hershey just kept looking at him like, "Who are you and what is the big deal here." We don't really make a big deal out of Santa in our house so I don't think he recognized him.
  5. Twizzler read Buttercup the Cow to Hershey for reading. They both seemed to really enjoy the story.
  6. Before dinner Hershey folded his hands and said, "Bless this. Bless This." It was soooo adorable.
  7. After dinner Skittles washed the dishes. He tried to negotiate a raise in his allowance. He asked me how much I got paid to wash the dishes when I was 10. I told him, "Not a thing. I did not get an allowance as a kid. I washed the dishes because it was a chore and I was expected to do chores. I never expected to be compensated for them." Then I asked him if he wanted the allowance that I got as a kid. He declined.

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  1. I laughed at Skittles declining the adjustment to his allowance. haha