Monday, January 6, 2014


We got back into the swing of things today... We are starting week 15. Almost halfway done with the school year. I was hoping to be on week 17 by now but we took more time off than I had planned for.

  1. Twizzler read the first few pages of Owl at Home to me. I am so proud of him. He read slowly but he was able to sound out every single word. 
  2. Skittles has been reading The Indian in the Cupboard during our break because he was a week behind in reading. He also really likes the story. 
  3. Hershey has been playing with his Leaptop that he got for Christmas. He really loves to dance to the music. He sits beside me while I am working on my laptop and types beside me. 
  4. Twizzler started multiplication today. He was very excited about it. He did very well.
Here is Twizzler's narration for our history reading. 
George Washington went to another state, I can't remember which one. It had a long name. He saw a person that they got into a war with and the person said, "I'm going to hunt a fox." In the morning, Ummm... There was a captain and he heard a war going on and he ran and he saw George Washington won the war. 
Here is Skittle's narration of our history reading.
George Washignton went to Trenton and because he was going to a battle against Cornwasomething.... It's a really long name, oh yeah Cornwallis. They were waiting because they were across the lake and they said, "I am going to catch that fox tomorrow." because they called George Washington a fox. They knew that would happen and George Washington knew that would happen, so he snuck out and left a few people to keep the fires going and the digging sound going and as soon as Cornwallis was asleep they went to Trenton to fight the other troops and Cornwallis thought it was hunting and it was actually a battle and he tried to win. It was a hard battle but George Washington won in the end. And that's the story. 

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