Tuesday, January 7, 2014

English 101

I believe that using correct grammar and speaking proper English is important. It is a lost art these days. I love keeping in touch with my friends on Facebook but I have to admit that I sometimes want to attack my computer screen with a red pen. Sometimes what you say is not as important as how you say it. When you speak and write correctly it shows that you are, in fact, intelligent.

Today we learned about the pronouns I, me, we, and us. After the oral drill, the lesson asked the boys to write sentences using us and we. Twizzler wrote, "We love you God," and  "Mom took us to church." Skittles wrote, "We went to Busch Gardens. We play Xbox360," and "Mom asked us to play with the baby. Mom asked us to help clean the car."

Then they had to write sentences using I and me. This was more difficult for them both. Twizzler wrote, "I slept in the living room," and, "Mom and me went to dinner." I asked him if he would say, "Me went to dinner?" He said, "no." I told him that if you are not sure when to use I or me, to take the other person out of the sentence. We changed it to, "Mom took me to dinner." Skittles wrote, "I got micro chargers. I watched a you tube video," for his 'I' sentences but he also struggled with the 'me" sentences. He wrote, "You got me a skateboard. Mom and me rode the Sheikra." Again I asked, "Would you say, 'Me rode the Sheikra?'" He said, "no." He could not figure out how to change it though. I told him the sentence that Gunnar was using and suggested that he try a similar sentence. He said, "Like, 'Mom took me to ride the Sheikra?'" I said, "Yes," to which he replied, "But I took YOU on the Sheikra. You did not want to even GO." 

Touche' son, Touche'.
  1. Skittles was feeling antsy today so he did some exercises to burn energy. 
  2. One of Skittles words to copy in his cursive book was, Quahog. He asked me what that was... Lucky for him, I spent half of my life in Rhode Island, in fact, that is where he was born so I actually knew the answer. I EVEN have a quahog shell to show him. So we got a little science lesson mixed in with our writing today. 
  3. Twizzler is learning about multiplication. Hershey sat in his lap and watched his big brother count for him.
  4. Hershey colored a picture of fall leaves alongside his brothers during science. Then he repeated the names of all the colors he used in his picture; red, orange, blue, brown, green. 

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  1. I still use that suggestion for my writing when I get confused as to "me" or "I" LOL.