Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nature Study

Today we went to the beach because it was 85 degrees. Yes I know it is January that is why I posted a bunch of pictures on my FB page to taunt my family and friends up north.
Any way, we made some great discoveries.
First the beach was covered in Cannonball Jellies. When I say covered, I mean, they were about 1-4 feet apart. They do have a mild toxin in their mucus. So I moved them out of the way so that the kids could play without any worries.

Twizzler begged to get in the water but it was ice cold and there was a big ole Jelly tumbling in the waves. 

Running along side the Jelly was a Spider crab

I had fun taking pictures of all the animals around us. I should have gotten some pictures of the birds. There were so many and I absolutely LOVE sea birds. But my favorite thing to take pictures of was my kids. We had so much fun together. I feel very blessed to live in Florida. I do not miss spending all winter cooped up in the house. 

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