Friday, February 28, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Co-op day today.

  1. In art, Skittles painted a rainbow and a background of Ireland. Twizzler made a storm. 
  2. In writing, Skittles finished his Meek Moses project. Twizzler wrote about himself. 
  3. Twizzler played football in P.E. Skittles went for a run. 
  4. In Music, we learned about buses. We sang ♫ the Wheels on the Bus ♪ Hershey colored a bus with crayons. 
  5. In my letter of the week class, we made rockets with the letter R. Hershey just colored on a piece of paper with a glue stick.
Hershey has said a bunch of cute things today. Here are a few. 
  1. When we got home today, Skittles and Twizzler played outside on the playground for awhile. Hershey stood at the window yelling, "Brothers come home!" 
  2. When dinner was cooking, he pointed to the pot of boiling water and said, "Hot dinner." I said, "yes it is. What is Mommy making?" He looked at the pot and said "ghetti." I was impressed that he knew I had to boil water to make spaghetti. 
  3. When I was dishing out dinner, He jumped in his chair and said, "Pray Mommy," and folded his hands. 
  4. During dinner he said, "cut cut" and tried using the side of his fork to cut his noodles. 
  5. He got a hold of Twizzler's Buzz Lightyear and brought it to me with a HUGE smile on his face, I asked him, "What have you got?" He said, "A robot!" LOL... close enough. 
  6. And EVERY night, when it is time for bed, he runs off to find his brothers and calls them by name and says "Nigh-night. Nigh-night, hugs, hugs, hugs." 

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