Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Reasons to Get Out of Bed

I woke up feeling sad today. I really wanted to throw myself a big old pity party and lie in bed watching chick flicks and eating ice cream. BUT I had kids to take care of. I am glad too. They got me up out of the bed and soon I had better things to think about. LIKE... 
  1. Twizzler's tablet suddenly won't turn on. I can't see anything wrong with it. It has not been dropped. It has been charged but it won't turn on. My tablet has a broken charger port. It could take several weeks to get a replacement. Twizzler was very sad that he was not able to play Monkey Math. He tried to do a Teaching Textbooks lesson but I think it is going to fast for him now. He needs to back up and spend some more time on addition and subtraction. So I got out an old workbook and let him do a couple of pages on that. When I handed it to him he said "Oh this looks like fun." Quite a compliment for a math worksheet. 
  2. Skittles and his buddies built a fort during park day. They walked all over the park collecting palm fronds for the walls and roof. They also collected sticks to use as weapons against.... enemies? 
  3. Hershey learned how to swing on his belly. He watched some older kids do it and decided that looked like more fun than the baby swing. He also had fun scooting around on a friends Razor Rip Rider trike. 
  4. I talked to some of the other moms about possibly getting Skittles enrolled in a robotics program for kids. I got some great advice to mull over. I think Skittles would really love it. He wants to be an airplane pilot one day. 
  5. In history we read about Andrew Jackson. Twizzler said "He was named after his father. He was hit in the head with a sword but it wasn't a big cut it was just a small one, like this (makes small motion on forehead) Then he tried to run for president but he did not win that one. Then he became a navy man."
  6. I was so proud of Twizzler today because he actually read his English assignment and answered it on his own. 
  7. When dinner was ready, Hershey ran to the window and yelled to his brothers who were on the playground, "BUBBAS!!!! DINNER!!! GO!!!"
  8. After dinner Skittles said, "Don't worry mom I will take care of dessert." Then he went into the kitchen and pulled out a pie that I bought and said, "Mom can you come slice the pie?" So much for taking care of dessert for me. LOL
  9. Oh and all 3 boys helped me clean out the van today. I wish I could get to it more often. As it is, I only get to clean it out about once per month. While we were cleaning it out we got to see our favorite dog in the neighborhood. The kids had fun loving on him and chasing him around the car wash area. 
  10. The kids got out our guinea pig tonight and let her run around the house. That is one seriously LOVED little pig. 

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