Monday, March 17, 2014

Reading For Fun

  1. I caught Skittles reading for fun today!!!! He was laying on the recliner with his elbows on the foot pad and his feet up where the head goes, reading a Magic Tree House book. 
  2. I caught Twizzler reading for fun today too!!! He had grabbed one of Hershey's new Thomas the train books and was reading it to himself. He was also on the recliner but he was sitting in a more normal position. 
  3. When Hershey and I read his new books together, he "helped" me read by repeating some of the words I read. 
  4. The big boys got their room mostly clean while I was at the dentist. Gpa helped keep them motivated.
  5. Twizzler and I had a very nice heart to heart talk tonight about our family. He said that when he grows up he will never get divorced and he will be a pastor. I love his heart. 
  6. Hershey asked to say the blessing at dinner. It went something like this..

Hershey folds hands, "bessing, bessing."
Twizzler, "I'll say the blessing."Hershey, "
No, I say it."Skittles laughing. "
(Hershey) wants to say the blessing."
Mom, "Do you want to say the blessing Hershey?"
Hershey, "Yes." bows head.
We all waited for Hershey to say something.
I offered him some help, "God is great."
Hershey, "God gate."
Me, "God is good."
Hershey, "God good."
Me, "Let us thank him,"
Hershey, "Les tank em."
Me, "for our food."
Hershey, "ah food. AMEN"
Hershey, "Les tank em."
Me, "for our food."
Hershey, "ah food. AMEN"

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