Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stage Fright

  1. In science we learned about using corn in cooking. We were supposed to make Johnny cakes as our science experiment but we ran out of time. We will have to do it tomorrow. 
  2. I learned a new way to wrap up little Hersey and carry him on my back using a beach towel. How cool is that!?!?!
  3. There are always 3 words to look up for vocabulary each week. In the past I chose a word for Twizzler and I had Skittles look up all 3. Today I let Skittles do 2 words. I let them both choose which words to define. Trying something new always helps break up monotony and conflict. 
  4. Both boys were supposed to sing with the children's choir at church tonight. I was out running an errand when I got a text that he was sick in the bathroom. I returned to find him, as I suspected, not ill but very VERY scared to get on stage. I talked with him and let him watch the practice but he said he was too scared. So he and I went back into our church prayer room and we had a nice talk one on one about being scared. I told him that we all get scared sometimes. I asked him if he thought that Jesus was scared when he was arrested. He said yes. We talked about Jesus and then we took communion. It was such a sweet time together. 
  5. Skittles sung on stage and he did so great. He looked right at me almost the whole time. It was like my own private concert. I love that my children are in choir. I loved choir as a child. I still remember the songs I learned at church and I sing them to this day. They bring me joy and comfort.
  6. When I picked up Twizzler from Awana, he proudly showed me a badge that he earned for memorizing all of the books of the bible and their order. That is quite an accomplishment. I am going to sew it on his vest this week. 
  7. A friend of mine let Skittles borrow a book about dinosaurs. He was so excited when he saw it that he read it the whole way home. I have been waiting for one of my kids to show a little interest in dinosaurs and I finally have one. I LOVED them when I was his age. I am looking forward to talking with him about them. 

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