Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Technical Tap

Last night my washer broke. It would not spin or drain. So today I took 4 loads of laundry to Nana's house. It was nice spending the afternoon with my grandparents. They live closer to me than any other relative but we all keep so busy that we don't get to see each other as often as I know we would all like too. When we came home, Skittles saw me staring into the washer, trying to figure out how to drain it of all that yucky water. He kicked it and BOOM! The machine jumped back to life. It started working right away. Obviously there is something wrong with it that has to be fixed but at least I did not have to worry about getting it to drain.

  1. Both boys got all of their school work except their science and history before park day. 
  2. At park day, Hershey learned about sharing. There were 2 more little boys about his age that saw his new scooter which he repeatedly abandoned to climb playground equipment only to go running back to his scooter as soon as someone else showed an interest in it. He did share quite nicely with Mommy's help. 
  3. In science they learned about animal tracks. They drew fox tracks in their journal along with Songs of Solomon 2:15 which Twizzler found on his own by singing the books of the bible song he learned at church. 
  4. We went for a bike ride after dinner. Aside from Twizzler almost taking down a pedestrian with a walking stick, it was a nice ride. 
  5. Right before bed the big boys started singing a song about Jonah that they have been practicing with the church choir. I joined in with the chorus and we all sang it together. ♫ If your ever in the belly of a big old whale, ask God for help, ask God for help. If your ever in the belly of a big old whale you can praaaaayyyy and ask God for help. ♫ It blessed me. 
Not long ago I shared with everyone some of Hershey's cute sayings... The past few days Skittles has come up with some good ones. Here are a few....
  1. "That is one reason that I won't drink soda. I am afraid that I am too hyper and if I shake myself up with carbonation in my belly, I might explode."
  2. While I was on the phone with the manager of the complex explaining that the washer was not working, he ran up to the phone and yelled, "It's not my mom's fault!" 
  3. I said Benadryl makes me sleepy. He said, "How can something spicy make you sleepy?" He has an interesting idea of what "spicy" is. 
  4. "Spongebob is not on Netflix anymore. It must not be good for kids to watch. My friend and I are calling him Spongebob potty mouth pants now."
  5. "I am thankful to God for the things I DO have and I choose to be happy."
  6. "Aside from the divorce this has been the best year ever."

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