Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Sunset Walk on the Beach

We started school bright and early so that we would be done in time for our friends to come over for a play date.

  • Hershey started off with his counting bears right away. He sorted the colors into their cups and then counted how many cups there were. I was super impressed. This was the first time he used rational counting and did not just count by rote. 
  • Twizzler learned how to make a cursive G. We had to practice the capital G several times to get it right. I was very particular about this letter because it is the first letter of his real name. 
  • In science we researched the things that grey squirrels eat. I had no idea they had such a varied diet. They don't just eat nuts and seeds. They eat bugs, frogs, eggs, and even each other! (Shudder)
  • Skittles whizzed through his school work today. 
  • We spent the afternoon at the pool with friends. Then Skittles and Twizzler went to their house to play. 
  • We went for a sunset walk on the beach. We measured tracks in the sand. They took turns running and then walking and saw the difference in the distance between the footprints. 
           We also looked at bird tracks. 
             We also looked at the beautiful waves that the water makes in the sand. It felt funny to walk on. 
There is nothing more relaxing than ending the day with a sunset walk on the beach with my 3 favorite guys. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Where did you get the counting bears and cups?

    1. I got them years ago from a friend. I saw some recently in my local teacher supply store though.