Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Park Day

We had our first successful park day. Lots of people showed up. The weather was beautiful.

  • Skittles began Math 5 today. The lesson was on even and odd numbers. He told Hershey to come sit with him because he could learn counting too. Hershey felt very honored. He proudly plopped beside his big brother and shouted out answers with him. He clapped every time Skittles got an answer right which was 100% of the time. 
  • Yesterday I had Skittles copy a cursive 'a' the correct way several times. Today he wrote his a's correctly. I helped Hershey trace a letter 'C' and the word 'clock.' Twizzler learned how to write a cursive F and f. Cursive f was always one of the hardest letters for me to write and I am going to be honest right now and tell you a secret, I never learned the correct way to write it. None of my teachers ever picked up on it though or they just figured it was close enough. Now I know how to form it correctly but I still write it 'my way' when I am writing fast. 
  • In history I read Genesis 11:1-9 and we watched the answers in Genesis video about the tower of Babel that I posted yesterday. Then the boys did the top part of their history pages. They had to illustrate the confusion of what happened the day God confused the languages. They drew a person speaking German, a person speaking Spanish, and person speaking English. 
  • Hershey colored a camel yellow. 
  • Twizzler and I took turns reading the second page in the science book.  The boys did some research about other kinds of squirrels in Florida. They found the flying squirrel and fox squirrel to write about. 
  • They did their spelling with their friends. Twizzler did great. He got most of his words correct. 

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