Monday, August 25, 2014


We started our lesson on the tower of Babel today. I spent all morning digging up activities and videos about Mesopotamia. I am so excited. I LOVE ancient history. This is going to be so much fun. Here are some of the links I found.
Answers in Genesis
ABC's of Mesoptamia
Cradle of civilization HUB
Hands on Activities
Video on Ancient Sumer
Here are our happy moments today.

  • Skittles finished his final quiz in Teaching Textbooks 4. He got a 92%. 
  • Hershey sorted out counting bears and counting chips into colored cups while his big brothers did their math. 
  • Twizzler's copywork was very nice today. He is doing much better now that I switched him back to manuscript paper. Hershey colored a picture of a clock and traced a letter C with mom's help. 
  • After we read about the tower of Babel. The boys colored a picture of one and wrote a narration in their journals. Skittles colored his a sandy brown because he assumes it was made of sand stone. 
  • Hershey wanted to do spelling with his bothers so I handed him a blank piece of paper and a pencil. He proudly scribbled away. 
  • In science the boys read about the squirrels that live in her branches. Skittles narration, 
"Mother squirrel had some babies. As she was going to gather food Trixie the other squirrel came along and they had a talk about last year the hunters came and killed a mean squirrel. Then mother squirrel talked about Oakie the acorn. They were going to have him for a treat in the winter. They talked about how mean the people were for hunting. Mother Oak said, "You can't have that acorn for a treat. That is going to be a tree." Whenever the babies got near the bird nest they would get yelled at to not to get too close to the bird's nest. Mother Oak would warn them not to fall off the branches. They knew not to go too far because of a sense that they had."
Then they did some research about gray squirrels on the internet

  • Twizzler showed Hershey how to play a song on the piano... Well he tried to at least.  The result was loud and adorable. 

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