Sunday, August 24, 2014

♪ ♫Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah! ♫ ♪

We had a very blessed day. Somehow we made it to church despite the fact that Hershey and I slept in late.

  • I learned that God wants us to be obedient. Sometimes being obedient does not make sense. It did not make sense for Noah to build an ark but he did it because he was obedient. Obedience requires faith sometimes. 
  • My job is to raise godly men. That is hard to do without an example. Trail Life USA has been the answer to many prayers. It is the tool God is using to give my sons godly examples to follow. Today was our first meeting. 
  • We were not home for 5 minutes before the neighborhood kids came knocking on the door asking if my boys could come out and play. LOL. 
  • At dinner we discussed how Noah fit all the animals on the ark. We discussed "kinds." I don't have a time machine. I only have God's word. Noah brought 2 of every kind of animal into the ark. Genesis 6:20 . My best guess is that Noah did not bring in a male and female of every breed of dog, cat, frog, etc. I think it is more likely that he brought 1 kind of male and female dog, cat, frog, etc., into the ark and those animals "evolved" as they spread out from the arks' resting place and adapted to the environments that they settled in creating different subspecies. -Answers in Genesis

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