Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today the boys had to write their names using cuneiform. Skittles is an artist, he had no problem completing the task and loved it so much that he decided to write me a secret message using the alphabet key from his journal. Twizzler however struggled. Poor kid has a hard time writing in print. He is learning cursive and now I have him writing in cuneiform too. After seeing him struggle with the first couple of letters, I ran to my stamp collection and grabbed a letter V stamp. It has both size Vv's on it. I let him stamp his name using the V's instead. It was much easier for him and a bit more like actual cuneiform was written since it was stamped into clay tablets.
  • In math, Skittles learned about writing numbers in words. He got an A. Twizzler learned about multiplying by hundreds and thousands. He got an a also. Hershey worked on a puzzle. He is learning the names of shapes. We can say he got an A too. 
  • Twizzler learned how to make a H and h in cursive. I found this cool page that shows how to write the letters in cursive. 
  • In history we did some research about ziggurats. Then I had them build a ziggurat on Minecraft. I have a fellow homeschool mom to thank for the idea. They each have their own worlds now. I am going to have them add one thing from each civilization that we learn about. 
  • In science, Skittles read aloud how squirrels build their nests. All this time, I thought all the nests around our neighborhood were from birds. Now I am certain that the majority of them are squirrel nests. 
  • Hershey colored a cow black and brown and he colored a cricket green. 

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