Friday, August 29, 2014

Nuffin' Much

Hmmmm... Some days it is very hard to come up with stuff to blog about. It is not that it was a bad day. Not at all. We had a good day. There was just nothing special that happened. I am determined to keep this going daily though so... let's see....

  • The big boys both got an A in math. 
  • Hershey and I finished his letter Cc page. 
  • Skittles finished copying the last stanza of his poem in Language Lessons. 
  • Twizzler and I worked on some printing. I had him write all of the capital letters and then lower case. Then I had him copy a sentence off the board. I am have been talking to a lot of people from all around to get ideas on how to help him with his writing. If you remember, last year there was not very much improvement at all. This is what I got out of him today. 
We are still working on spacing and letter placement on the line but his letter formation has improved since I switched him back to this style paper. 

  • Hershey made a mess explored the counting chips. 
  • We went to the beach tonight for worship. There was a storm north, south, east, and west of us but it never rained on us. The message was about Jonah and how he called out to God even after he had disobeyed him. The children were all so well behaved tonight. They were sitting in a circle together. I found out on the ride home that they were having their own child-lead church lesson about Jonah. 


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    1. Seriously, They were all OVER the house. I am still finding them,