Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Monday

Today went so smooth that I am afraid I might bore you to death with this post. 

  • In Language Lessons, Twizzler learned what a stanza is. Then he counted the stanzas in his poem. Skittles copied another stanza in his poem. Hershey learned that the letter B says "buh."  Then he colored a barn red. 
  • In math, Twizzler learned about using number lines. Skittles learned about converting measurements on a map. Hershey counted 1 bus and colored it yellow. 
  • Both boys had to go back and redo their writing assignments. Skittles keeps writing his a's like s's. Twizzler learned how to make the letters U and u. He is having a hard time remembering to come back down the line that he went up so his u's looked like m's. Hershey and I traced the letter 'B' together, "down, circle around, circle around." 
  • In history we read about when God instructed Noah and his sons to build the ark. The boys drew some of the animals and the ark in their journals. They also wrote about why Noah built the ark. Hershey colored a boat blue. 

  • We introduced our new words for the week in spelling. Twizzlers words all have a silent 'e' at the end. Skittles words have 'au' or 'ou' in them. They both got a couple of words wrong in their dictation. I think they needed to pre-read them better.  
  • In science, Skittles and Twizzler took turns reading about acorns and oak trees. Then they looked up what kinds of oak trees grow in Florida using our field guide. Then they drew the leaves of the trees and labeled them. 

  • Skittles read about Koalas in his reading comprehension book. He is a fast learner. Now that he knows what they are asking, he is getting everything correct. Twizzler read 3 pages of a story in Down Singing River. Hershey and I read the Zoo Train. We pointed out the animals and named them. 

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