Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Back to School Party

Today we went to a NOT back to school party for all the homeschoolers in the county at the skating rink. Even Hershey went skating. It is a good thing that I kept these old skates around. Now all 3 boys have gotten use out of them.

  • The boys got their math and Language Lessons done right away so that we could go to the party. 
  • Hershey colored some broccoli green. 
  • When we came home they jumped right back into their school work. 
  • In History, we read Genesis chapter 6. Then they colored a picture of the ark and described what they would see, smell, hear, and feel if they were on the ark.  Even Hershey colored a picture of the ark out of his coloring book. 
  • In science, They sketched and colored an acorn. 
I am heading off to a meeting with my homeschool group tonight to discuss the plans for the coming school year. 

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