Sunday, August 17, 2014


I realized yesterday when I was putting away the boys completed work for the week that we did not do our timeline. Their student journals have everything they need to make a timeline. I found this timeline on the Notebooking Fairy.  I was going to have them glue the pictures from their student journal into the timeline but I decided that I would rather have them draw their own pictures. It is not that I don't like the pictures in the journal and it is very nice that they are there if the kids ever don't want to draw their own but my kids mostly prefer drawing to coloring. So we are using the pictures in the journals as inspiration to draw their own. This is similar to the timelines we have done in the past. I glued the timeline into a folder and put it in their binders. Twizzler has bigger boxes to draw and write in. Skittles has smaller boxes and has room to add the more detailed timelines for each particular civilization that we are studying. 
  • Church was great as usual. The pastor asked all the teachers and homeschoolers to stand up and the church prayed for us all. 
  • We went to the pool for about an hour this afternoon. 
  • Hershey told me that I am his best friend. We read a book together before bed. 
  • I was able to cut all of the boys hair tonight. Skittles is getting to the age where he is particular about how it turns out. He made me take a picture of the back of his head to make sure I did a good job. 
  • Twizzler has been a huge helper today. He emptied the dishwasher and picked up the living room for me. He is showing me how mature he has become. 

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