Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lazy Day

I had a lazy day. For those of you who are not moms, let me define that for you. When I say I did not do anything today what I really mean is that I...
  • woke up at 6 am even though the kids were all sound asleep. 
  • went through my email and played candy crush.
  • made the kids breakfast. 
  • cuddled up with Hershey and watched a movie. 
  • took a nap. 
  • made lunch. 
  • pulled out all of last week's school work and put it all in each boy's file. 
  • Oh and I added their math grades to each day. 
  • pulled out this coming week's school work. 
  • put Post-it notes on the pages they will be working on. 
  • printed out the new planner page that I worked on this week and I am pretty happy with. 
  • got into a fight with my printer because it refuses to print in black ink and is using up all of my color ink instead. grrrrr.... My planner pages came out PINK
  • tried replacing the ink cartridge only to find out that my new ink cartridge is defective. 
  • called Amazon to let them know my ink was defective. They are refunding my money but I still have to replace the ink tomorrow. 
  • made out a list of things I have to buy at the store tomorrow on my way home from church. 
  • filled out the boys planner pages for next week with all of their assignments. 
  • found all the pages that I want Hershey to work on next week. I have them ready to print although, I obviously can't print them. (Sigh)
  • made dinner. 
  • washed 3 loads of laundry. 
  • directed the boys' chores. Seriously, it would be easier if I did it myself but then they would not learn how to clean. 
  • sat down and had a nice, peaceful hour of book time. Twizzler read to me. I read to Hershey. Skittles read to himself. He gobbled up an entire novel in the past 2 days. :D I think it is safe to say that dropping mandatory reading has been a success. 
  • put the kids to bed. 
  • washed the dishes
  • cleaned out the guinea pig's cage. 
Soooooo, nothing really. 
If you like my planner page but you want to personalize it to fit your homeschool, here is a free one. I THINK you can right click on it and save as a picture. Then print it out as a full page print. If anyone is actually interested in having it but can't seem to get it to print, write me a comment and I will see if I can figure out how to set up a file share with a PDF or something. 

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