Friday, August 22, 2014


Friday's are the best days. They are so relaxed. 
  • The boys both did great on their math. Skittles had one little hang up that was really silly but we worked it out. Twizzler got an A on his quiz. Hershey and I read a counting with Corduroy book. 
  • Twizzler struggled all week with his copywork in Language Lessons. He is smashing his words all together. Also his letters were all over the place. So I pulled out the old manuscript paper and had him copy it onto there instead. It came out beautiful. I think we will use this paper for future copywork until he is ready to write on the small lines. 
  • Twizzler redid his spelling test today and got a 100%. I think I realized the mistake I made this week. I should be reciting all of the words with him orally each day. I am going to try that next week and see if it improves his spelling memory. 

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