Thursday, August 21, 2014

Love Notes

I have been super stressed out lately. I have learned that having complete faith that God is going to provide for us and get us through a rough time in our lives does not mean that I won't still worry about it. Worry is such a useless past time. I was up all night worried and spent the whole morning paying the price with a migraine and no energy.

Skittles understood I was not feeling well and was very helpful and extra obedient. Tonight while I was cooking dinner, he cleaned up the living room and then made me a card. On the cover it said, "Get Well soon  love (Skittles)" On the inside, "God has a reason for everything that happens. He will keep us safe even if it seems hard at times Just like Noah. Love (Skittles)" I am going to treasure that note for the rest of my life.

He is growing up so much. He is right. God has gotten us through this month completely miraculously. He keeps taking care of us every day. I am so glad that my children know that.

  • Both boys copied another stanza from their poems in Language Lessons. 
  • Hershey and I assembled his B sound page. 
  • In science Skittles and Twizzler looked up lichen and added it to their books. 
  • In history, Twizzler colored the picture from the journal and added it to his timeline but Skittles chose to once again draw his own version. 
  • Skittles passed his spelling test with 100%. Twizzler missed 4 words out of 10 so I had him copy them 3 times each and I am going to retest him tomorrow. 
  • Hershey played with his puzzles this afternoon. 

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