Monday, September 15, 2014

Book It!

We started the Book It program today for reading. I printed out charts for the kids to keep track of their reading and we set a goal for each of them to read 8 books. I also printed off book reviews for them to complete when they finish each book. They can't WAIT to earn their free pizzas. I am excited for them. I remember participating in the program when I was a kid.


  • Skittles wrote a Haiku in language lessons.  
The leaves falling down
Are soaked from the heavy rain
They don't crunch. They're wet.

  • Twizzler started Math 4 today! I am so proud of him! He is proud of himself too. 
  • Hershey colored a picture of a frog for the letter F.
  • Twizzler learned how to make S and s in cursive. He did a beautiful job. I always thought that was a hard letter but his were perfect on the first try. 
  • We read about Ishmael in history today. We discussed that Sarai and Abram were disobedient to God by making another woman have Abram's baby and that disobedience caused a lot of pain and despair. Then the boys had to journal about a time that they were disobedient and it caused despair. 
  • Both boys have less word this week in spelling than we had the last 5 weeks. Skittles words are very hard though. Twizzler would have the same amount of words but 2 of the words were names that Twizzler is already familiar with because we have family members with those names. 
  • In science the boys read about how Mother Oak became a tree. They looked up different kinds of birds in their Florida Field Guide and added them to their journal. 
  • Skittles read the first chapter of Number the Stars for his book club class at co-op. Then he wrote down one word from the chapter that he found interesting and wrote down some of the traits of the characters from the story. Twizzler read some of his Angry Birds Star Wars book to me. 
  • Both boys worked on their Awana books to finish up the day. 
  • Hershey worked on his Leap Pad laptop beside me while I typed this out. :) 

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