Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They Call Me Ishmael

This morning Skittles must have had a burst of testosterone or something because he decided to work out. He did a bunch of sit-ups, push-ups, and even did a few laps around the house. Hershey and Twizzler joined in on the fun.

  • In language lessons, Skittles wrote another Haiku, 
The moon is dark red
It is not white like normal
I like it. It's nice
  • Both boys got 100% in math. Twizzler got an extra 5 points in his bonus round. 
  • Twizzler learned how to write a cursive T and t. 
  • In history we read about how Ishmael became the father of Islam. We also discussed the differences between Christianity and  Islam. 
  • Both boys did their spelling copywork and then we did an oral review. Oral review is when I read the words from the list one at a time and they spell it back to me. If they get the word wrong, I write it up on the board correctly so they can see it written correctly. I say the word slowly, enunciating each letter in an exaggerated way so they can see and hear all of the letter sounds. Then I have them read the word, spell it, and read it again. 
  • In science we read about evergreen and deciduous trees. We learned that deciduous trees shed their leaves to preserve water. Also the oldest living deciduous tree in America is 400 years old.  
  • Hershey colored a lion's mane orange. 
  • Both boys read their Star Wars books today for reading. 
  • Both boys worked on checkpoints 4 and 5 in their Awana booklets. I am benefiting from working on theses with them. I am learning the verses also. 
  • Hershey and Twizzler played in shaving cream and now my dining table is sparkling clean. 

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