Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Counting Syllables

  • In language lessons, Skittles had to count syllables. I showed him the way I was taught when I was in school. To hold your hand under your chin and count each time your chin touches the top of your hand while you say the word. 
  • Skittles and Twizzler learned about carrying and subtracting in math. It was review for them both. Hershey brought me a clock from the math drawer. We used it to count to 12. Then I let him use the hands to point different numbers and I told him the time. 
  • Twizzler learned how to write a Q and q in cursive. I showed him how by tracing the letter while he watched first. When I did the q, I said, "circle around, down, then back up behind and kick it in the rear and bounce out." It may sound crude but it is a language that little boys understand. He had struggled so hard to make his p yesterday but he was able to make 3 perfect q's his first try. Of course he giggled while he wrote them. 
  • In history we read Romans 4:3 and the boys wrote what it means in their own words. 
  • In science we are learning about sunrises and sunsets. Skittles was the only one who remembered to get up early and look at the sunrise. Last night we watched a sunset though, so Twizzler drew a picture of the sunset. We will try the sunrise again tomorrow. 

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