Thursday, September 11, 2014

Working from Sun Up to Sun Down

This morning I woke up before the sun so the kids could see the sun rise. They would not wake up though. So I went outside by myself and took a picture of the sunrise for them to copy into their science books.

It is just not as pretty as a sunset in my opinion.

  • Twizzler finished his very last math lesson in TT3. Tomorrow he will take his final quiz and next week he will begin TT4. Skittles learned about adding 3 numbers. 
  • In language lessons Skittles completed a paragraph using 2 syllable words. Twizzler did an oral narration about a painting. Hershey colored an emerald green because emerald starts with E. 
  • Twizzler made some beautiful cursive R and r's. Skittles practices cursive daily as well but there is nothing new. He is simply doing cursive copywork. He is doing a beautiful job though. 
  • We watched a BrainPop video about September 11th. We discussed what my day was like on 9-11 briefly and then we moved on. This is a subject we talk about every year but I try not to dwell on it too much. It is a very personal subject for us as a former military family. 
  • The boys completed their timelines and Skittles wrote a narration about Hebrews 11;8. We also read a bit about apologetics and the theory of evolution. We discussed that both creation and evolution require faith since none of us were alive to witness them in the beginning. 
  • Twizzler only made one tiny mistake on his spelling test. Skittles got 5 words wrong though. I am sure this is because I have not been doing an oral review with him like I have been with Twizzler. That is going to change from now on. 

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