Friday, September 12, 2014

Full of Fun Friday

Today we got us super early and went to our other co-op. It was a full and fun day.
  • I helped in the ASL class. I admit my sign language is a bit rusty. I have not used it since I was in college. The kids in there were signing circles around me. 
  • Skittles and Twizzler learned about colors in Spanish. I got to help in Twizzler's Spanish class. I can learn some Spanish too. I always studied French. 
  • Twizzler built with noodles and marshmallows in his team building class. 
  • Skittles started his book in book club. They gave him a syllabus and told then what they need to do over the next 2 weeks. I am so glad he is taking this class. It compliments our curriculum perfectly. 
  • I got to help in Twizzler's communications class also. The children took turns introducing themselves. Then they interviewed each other and then gave a short speech about each other. 
  • Skittles started a smash book in his next class. He decorated the cover of his book. 
  • During our break, Twizzler and Hershey got out their roller blades and skated around the front of the church. 
  • In science, both boys learned about water current and pressure in the ocean. Again, I got to help in Twizzler's class. 
  • In apologetics, Skittles learned who wrote the bible and read 3 bible verses. 
  • In home economics, Twizzler made a folder to keep in the class. 
  • I was in the nursery for the last our. I got to see Hershey color an alligator A. He did great. 
When we came home, we still had a couple of things to do for school. 
  • Skittles read about a Haiku in language lessons. Twizzler began copywork on a new poem. Hershey and I assembled his E page in his ABC book. 
  • Twizzler traced and copied some word in cursive. I had Skittles go back and answer the questions that he copied in his Pictures in Cursive book. I wanted to see how well he can write in cursive without having something to copy. He did great. 
  • Both boys got an A in math. Twizzler is now completely finished with TT3. Monday he will begin TT4. 
  • I did have to give Skittles his spelling test again because yesterday he got 5 words wrong. Today he got every word correct. :) 

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