Saturday, September 13, 2014


We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. If you don't know anything about Charlotte Mason, you should look her up

Charlotte believed that part of a child's regular schooling should be reserved for what she called handicrafts. Handicrafts are not the same as arts and crafts. Handicrafts should be learning something useful that will benefit them and others in the future. Some examples of handicrafts that we have done in the past have been cooking, sewing, making jewelry, oragami, and wood working. 

Today I took the boys to Lowes for their Kids Clinic. They each got an apron, goggles, a hammer and a kit to build binoculars. It was so cool. The instructions were easy for them to follow. The tools were easy to use. Skittles only needed me to help him once. I showed him how to use the claw on the hammer to pull out a nail. Twizzler needed a little help holding the pieces together as he nailed them. For the most part though, they were able to get it done on their own. Hershey cheered them on as they worked. 

When they were finished, they earned a patch to put on their aprons. They are very proud of their binoculars. They really work too. I can't wait to sign them up for the next event. 

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