Monday, September 29, 2014

Day at the Dentist

This morning we all went to the dentist for a cleaning. I am so proud that all 3 of my boys were so good for the dentist. We brought some school work with us to get through while we waited but we really did not spend too much time waiting. All 3 boys teeth looked perfect and healthy, no cavities. 

  • In Language Lessons, Skittles copied the second stanza of a poem. Twizzler copied the months; April, May, June, and July. 
  • In Math Twizzler learned about the seasons. It said, "In most states in America the weather changes with the seasons." LOL. Not this state. Skittles learned how to work more difficult multiplication problems. 
  • Both boys got their writing done at the dentist office. The painting in Skittles book is so beautiful, I wish I could cut it out and frame it. 
  • In history we read about Joseph preparing for the famine by storing grain. Then they added to their journal. 
  • In spelling, Twizzler is learning how to spell words with 'th' in them. 
  • In science the boys took turns reading about how Oakie became a tree. Then we looked up the varieties of deer in North America. We added Key deer to our list since they were not on the first site we found but we know they live in North America since they are native to Florida. 
  • Reading was another subject that was easy to get done in the waiting room. Skittles is about half way through The Phantom Menace. He read chapter 7 and then narrated to me that they had to land on Tattooine.  Twizzler started another Star Wars book about pirates. It says it is a level 1 reader but the words are not easy words to read. For example; Spaceships, pirates, treasure, etc. So there are fewer words on the page but they are not CVC words. It is giving us lots of opportunities to break up big words and sound them out in parts. 
  • Finally we worked on the next pages of their Awana books. Skittles read that we can trust God's word because we know that God tells the truth. 

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