Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Another Monday

  • In language lessons, Skittles read about when and how to use proper punctuation. Twizzler copied the names of the days of the week. 
  • In math, Skittles reviewed word problems. He got a 95%. Twizzler worked on days of the week and ordinal numbers. He got a 91%.
  • In writing Twizzler worked on the letters X and x. Skittles is on week 7 in his book. 
  • In history, we read about Isaac's family. He married Rebekah and had twin sons, Jacob and Esau. Then we completed our comparison page in our history journals. 
  • In spelling, Twizzler is learning that when a short word ends with a vowel, that vowel usually says its long sound. I love that his book gives those phonetic rules with each lesson. Skittles words are all words that do not follow typical phonetic rules. 
  • For science they read some more about Mother oak and Oakie the acorn. Then they researched how an acorn grows into a tree and added what they learned to their journals. 
  • Both boys read a bit of their Star Wars books. Skittles is about half way through the Phantom Menace. Twizzler began reading the The Clone Wars Jedi in Training
  • Finally, both boys worked on their Awana books.

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