Monday, December 1, 2014

Thank You Auto Correct!

We had a case of the Mondays. Coming back after a break is always hard. We started off slow. While the boys tackled their math, I made breakfast. We found Africa on our big map t. After breakfast we started our advent  calendar. Last year a friend gave me a beautiful cloth advent calendar. We love it. This year I added bible verses that will work our way through the Christmas story. Today we read John 1:1-5. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my kids actually recite John 1:1 from memory. Apparently it was an Awana verses
  • Twizzler wrote the name of our country using proper spelling and capitalisation. Skittles copied the fourth stanza from a poem. 
  • Skittles is learning about adding with decimal points. He got 100%. Twizzler learned about time. He got a 90%. Hershey separated big and little leaves. 

  • In history we read about Africa. I did something different today and after our reading I decided to take some time to go over some geography. We located Africa on our big map and some of the places we read about; Sahara dessert, Egypt, Red Sea, and Ethiopia.  Then I gave them some words from the book to define and draw examples of.    

  • In science In science we read about the dinosaurs starting off on their long journey to the ark. 
  • Skittles began reading Robin Hood. Twizzler read a story from Down Singing River. 
  • After school we are heading off to break dancing class. I can't wait to check out their new moves. 

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