Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Robin Hood

  • Skittles finished copying his poem in Language. Twizzler narrated a picture of owls. 
  • Skittles is learning more about money and decimal points. Twizzler is learning about time. He had a hard time today and got an 82. We are going to have to review some of the things he struggled with tomorrow. 
  • Twizzler's spelling words this week all have 'ai' in the middle like 'rain'. Skittles words all have a soft 'g' sound like in the word 'giant'.
  • In history we read some more about Africa and both boys wrote a narration about the ancient peoples of the Sahara Desert and how it became a dessert. Twizzler looked up animals that live in the Sahara and chose to draw a picture of a sidewinder snake.  
  • We read some more about Noah's ark in science. Then the boys drew pictures of the ark. 
  • Skittles read half of chapter of Robin Hood. Just in case you have never read it before, here is an excerpt,

Then Robin took his good yew bow in his hand, and placing the tip at his instep, he strung it right deftly; then he nocked a broad clothyard arrow and, raising the bow, drew the gray goose feather to his ear; the next moment the bowstring rang and the arrow sped down the glade as a sparrowhawk skims in a northern wind. High leaped the noblest hart of all the herd, only to fall dead, reddening the green path with his heart's blood.
I was worried that it would be too difficult for him to understand this 16th century English. But I was pleasantly surprised when he narrated back to me today what he had read. He truly understood what he was reading. I told him to take his time while reading this book and to come ask me if he has any questions about the words. 
  • Hershey helped me hang the Christmas lights. A job that involved removing some spiders and their webs. ((shudder)) 
  • We all went for a walk to take out the trash. Hershey rode his tricycle. Then we played on the playground for awhile. It was very relaxing. 

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