Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"He Deered to Kill a King's Dare"

  • Today Skittles read a few pages of Robin Hood aloud to me. When he was done I quoted Robin Hood Men in Tights which is my favorite Mel Brooks film. Skittles corrected me, "He dared to kill a king's deer." HAHA. It still makes me laugh.

  • Skittles learned to recognize the pattern in the poem that he copied in language. 
  • Twizzler is having a hard time with telling time in math. I had to sit in the room with him and help him through. 
  • Hershey played with the cuisenaire rods today. And we read a book about counting dinosaurs. 
  • We read a story about Anasi and the turtle in Story of the World. Skittles wrote a narration and Twizzler drew pictures. 
  • In science they had to change cubits into feet and estimate the size of the ark in modern measurements. 

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