Thursday, December 4, 2014


I worked 9 hours today. While I was driving all over central Florida,  the kids were home with their grandparents getting school done.
Skittles learned what an adverb is in language. Twizzler copied the first stanza of a poem.
Twizzler did more subtracting in math.  Skittles learned about regrouping from hundreds.
In history they read another story about Anansi. Then they worked on their timelines.
Both boys did amazing on their spelling tests. Twizzler only got 2 words wrong. Skittles got them all correct.
In science they answered some questions about the ark.
Skittles finished reading chapter 2 of Robin Hood to Nana. Twizzler read a story from Down Singing River about a kitten.
When I came home the kids were all playing on the playground. Hershey learned how to climb the rock climbing wall.

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