Monday, December 8, 2014


Today we took a field trip to the Compassion International tour. It was very humbling. We walked through the lives of 2 children from 2 different continents. The first was a little girl who grew up in Uganda. After her father died, she worked with her mother selling food for less than $1 per day. She watched most of her friends sold off into marriage. Finally she was sponsored and was able to return to school. She graduated and is now attending college in the US to be a social worker so that she can go home and help more at risk children.
The second child was from Bolivia. His father was abusive so his mom chose to leave with her children in the middle of the night. He had to get a job shining shoes just to be help pay for food and a bed for his whole family to sleep in. Some nights they did not eat at all. He watched the children around him become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Once he was sponsored he went to school where he was feed every day and educated. 
As we walked through the experience, I could tell by the looks on my children's faces that they were appreciating it all. They showed genuine concern. 
After the tour we went out to eat with friends. I felt so blessed to be able to feed my children every day and keep them safe from the things those children endured to get where they are today. When we left the restaurant I pointed out to the kids that we ate more food at lunch than Ruben got to eat all week when he was a child.  I can't afford to sponsor a child on a monthly basis but if I was able to take my children out to lunch, I can help feed a hungry child one meal or help them get clean drinking water. I never signed up to sponsor a child because I was afraid I would have to make a financial commitment that I would not be able to keep. I did not realize I could make a one time donation. Who knows what lives it may touch. So I donated the amount of money I paid for our lunch and we prayed that it will go to the child who needs it the most. 
  • In language, Twizzler learned about plural and singular nouns. Skittles added adverbs to sentences. 
  • In history we read about the Celts. While we were in the car we listened to some Celtic music
  • In science they read about quetzalcoatlus. Then we watched a short video about them. Some parents may want to watch this video before showing it to their kids. Of course it is narrated from an evolutionist point of view. Some parents might want to talk with their kids first or just mute the first 5 seconds of the video
  • Finally, I have BIG news..... Hershey pooped on the potty!!! He earned a toy car out of the mom store

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